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Attain Peace Sports Management work closely with their athletes to make sure their career and brand is heading in the direction they desire.
Below is a list of some of the services AP Sports provides.

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Our management team ensures that all contracts are reviewed meticulously. By using extensive research and planning we work to maximize the earning potential and sustain financial security for our clients.


Our role is to make our clients' lives easier; by arranging scheduling and logistics, organising PR media releases and providing career education, AP Sports' role is to help build our client’s personal brand and to ensure that all projects run smoothly and deadlines are met. Athletes have their training, physical and mental well-being and sometimes families to look after, so it's our responsibility to remain focused on the bigger picture and the end goal.


As a valued client of AP Sports, our team will develop and implement a strategic career and marketing plan to suit each individual athlete. We utilize media exposure to establish our athlete’s brand and recognition, whilst maximizing their value to sponsors. We research the structure of the companies that we align with – to be clear about how their business is conducted, who is responsible for what and who the decision-makers are. AP Sports has a record of negotiating and securing marketing and endorsement agreements with companies such as Call of Duty, Topps and Range Rover to name a few.


Preparation is everything. Just like our clients work hard to prepare for their current athletic endeavours, AP Sports also work hard to develop skills and building relationships that will help transition athletes to the business world. We are passionate about ensuring that our clients have solid foundations to fall back on once their career as an athlete ends and will continue to work with our clients through retirement to ensure a productive and fulfilling secondary career.

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